An Eventful Week!

Greetings Everyone! 😃

So, I didn’t mean to go so long without writing an entry, but time got away from me and the next thing I know: it’s Sunday night! 😂 I really hope that everyone had a great week, a wonderful weekend and that you’re ready to get a great start to Monday!! Let’s do a little recap with the highlights of the week:

Networking/Career Fair Event

On Wednesday, I attended a networking/career fair event that was pretty interesting. The company opened their doors to prospective talent and interested candidates to learn more about the culture and get first-hand knowledge of life in the industry. It was a really laid back event, that provided beer, food, and the opportunity to pick the brains of different employees. I received great information from employees with expertise in areas such as Database, Dev Ops, and Software Development.

The major takeaway for me was that I need to keep coding and build programs. Pretty much, have enough projects to discuss and hold a conversation about. Nothing that I hadn’t heard before, but something that really resonated with me, while there. Hence, this blog will be a part of the arsenal…

Vanilla JavaScript

I was looking around on LinkedIn and came across a free course on Vanilla JavaScript with Sasha Vodnik. If you’re interested to view the course, you can access it here:

Some highlights are the following:

  • Replacement of jQuery & React.js code
    • Vanilla JavaScript provides the functionality of both a library & framework
  • Event listeners and animations
  • String templates
  • Spread Operator
  • Browser compatibility
  • Coding in pure JavaScript!

I believe it’s close to 2 hours, but it’s very engaging and even allows you the opportunity to code right along with him! He recommends having a code editor (Visual Studio Code), JavaScript transpiler (Babel), and node.js & http-server to see your website in action. This will all be covered in the course, but just wanted to give a heads up 😉.

Well, here’s to a great week ahead! Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend and have a great night! 😁 Oh, by the way, be sure to pay your taxes: the deadline is tomorrow, April 15, 2019!!



Cashless stores may not be ready to thrive in the U.S. and it seems like Amazon has noticed, considering that they’re going to accept cash at their “cashless” stores. Read about it here:

The biggest airplane, Stratolaunch, has taken flight!

Happy Monday! 😊


I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I can say that mine was pretty enjoyable. There was a Software Development workshop that I was able to attend and I can say that we covered some pretty interesting information. Those things included the following:

  • Downloading Visual Studio Code
  • Creating .html, .js, and .css files
  • Creating folders, using CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Exploring .NET and C# in VS Code

Such useful information and 4 hours well-spent!

Looking forward to a great week and hoping the same, for you! As always, have a wonderful day! 😊


IBM has an interesting competition taking place, Call For Code 2019, where a challenge is issued to developers to create applications that will positively impact global issues, ranging from wildfires to basic health care. If you feel up to the challenge, or just curious to learn more, feel free to start here. If you really need an incentive, the top prize is $200,000 USD! (Other great prizes accompany this, as well 😉).

Fun Fact/News

Blockchain is pretty fascinating to me. Often, it’s associated with the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, but it has many uses. I thought that this article was worth sharing, to get a better understanding of Blockchain:

Quick Updates for Visual Studio😊


Just wanted to share a few Visual Studio updates that I found to be interesting:

Upcoming Events

Fun Fact

Happy National 404 Day!!🥳🎉🎊 A day to celebrate error code 404, when the web server can’t fulfill your request. It’s also a great day in Georgia! 🎊🎉

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!😀


The Job Search: Left To My Own Devices vs. Recruiters

So, I recently graduated – 🥳 🎊🎉 – and I’m currently looking for an opportunity to put my knowledge & skills to use, while earning a nice salary 🙃. Searching for a Junior Software Developer position should be a piece of cake 🍰, right? WRONG !

The job search can be discouraging & frustrating, if you allow it to get the best of you, but don’t give up! Positions posted as “Entry-Level” could list as a requirement, “3-5 years of experience in…” What?! Isn’t this “entry-level”?! * Taps microphone * Where is this experience supposed to come from? Granted, there are many people who may actually have the experience; unfortunately, I’m just not one of them🙃…

Here’s where recruiters come into play. They get your CV/Résumé, attempt to establish a rapport with you, learn about your skills and identify a job that you may be a potential fit for. Everything sounds great and then the Right-To-Represent Form comes up. Note: If a recruiter can’t explain how this form works and all that it entails, don’t feel pressured to sign with them. In fact, try to do research on the agency before speaking with the recruiter. Plenty will call you, so it’s not a loss if you miss one. The Seattle Times published a great article on understanding a Right-To-Represent Form, which can be found here:

Just be sure that you want to work with that recruiter and agency, before agreeing to sign 😉! Good luck with your search, if you’re in the job market; I know that I can definitely use some, lol 😆.

As always, have a great day 😁!



If you’ve graduated and haven’t had an internship, any certifications, or you haven’t attended college and still want to pursue a career in Tech, maybe you could consider the following:

  • Attend user groups. This is a great opportunity to network and learn about the industry from individuals who work in it, daily. Gain knowledge, make a friend, and possibly have a meal (they usually provide food 😋)!
  • Contribute to Open-Source projects. Search GitHub and show off your skills! There are plenty of projects waiting to be graced by your lovely code. Not sure of where to start? How about here 🙂:
  • Listen to Tech-related podcasts. So much information is right at the tip of your fingers and you simply have to just press “Play”. Just search for the area of interest (i.e., programming languages, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, etc.) and listen. Here’s a podcast that I actually enjoy:
  • Write a blog. If you enjoy writing, express your passion for Tech so that others can read about it! You never know: you may share something new and even have someone like it!😉 *hint…hint*

Fun Fact/News

Looks like Google’s temporary and contracted workers will be receiving full benefits in the upcoming years. Check it out here:

My First Entry!

Greetings everyone!

My name is Aerie and I want to welcome you to my blog, Aerie’s Tech Corner. Despite the date (04/01/2019), it’s not a prank 🙃: I really enjoy technology and hope to share some interesting news, fun events, and any other fascinating information that I may come across! My goal is to share as much information as possible, while making new connections and, ultimately, just have fun!

So, please enjoy and as always: “Have a great day!” ☺️


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Fun Fact

Gmail turned 15 today! Happy Birthday Gmail 🎉🎊🎂!! Read about it here: